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Circulation Therapy in Stafford, VA

At Hair Saviours, our goal is to promote healthy hair growth with a focus on overall wellness. One of the tools we use to accomplish this is circulation therapy using BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation). This FDA-approved technology uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to improve microcirculation — the flow of blood throughout the tiny microvessels in your body. This helps keep your cells working efficiently while allowing your body to flush out waste and toxins. We use BEMER circulation therapy in conjunction with our hair treatments to optimize results while helping our clients feel more energized and refreshed. To learn more about the benefits of circulation therapy and how BEMER works, we invite you to schedule a consultation with certified trichologist Monica Dickenson at our Stafford, VA wellness center today.

BEMER treatments at Hair Saviours are quick and convenient, allowing you to refresh and reenergize in as little as eight minutes. Following your consultation, we'll have you lie back in a relaxed position as the BEMER device is turned on. As the machine goes to work, you'll feel a pulsating sensation working up and down your body. This will continue until the treatment is done, at which point you're free to get back to your schedule. Most clients report feeling more relaxed and limber after a BEMER session at our Stafford, VA office with results only improving as you continue to come back.

Improving blood flow can help enhance your body's natural functions by allowing your organs and other systems to operate more efficiently. BEMER therapy offers a wide range of potential benefits, including:

  • Alleviates fatigue
  • Can help improve sleep
  • Relieves chronic pain in the joints, as well as the neck and lower back
  • Enhances athletic recovery
  • Helps detoxify by improving the body's natural waste disposal processes
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Can improve results as part of a hair restoration program

Monica is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have about the process!

G.I. Google

Hair Saviours LLC is my go-to for all things hair restoration. Their professional hair growth service is unmatched, and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. I've seen incredible results since starting treatment, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose them.

H.R. Google

Hair Saviours LLC has truly been a lifesaver for me. Their professional hair growth service has transformed my hair, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The staff was also amazing - friendly, supportive, and truly dedicated to helping me achieve my hair goals.

M.J. Google

Hair Saviours LLC is the real deal when it comes to hair restoration. Their professional hair growth service is top-notch, and I've been thrilled with the results. Plus, the staff is fantastic - knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to answer any questions I had.

S.D. Google

Top service.thanks

J.E. Google


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How often do you find yourself tired or sore and wishing you had a quick fix to feel better? With BEMER circulation therapy at Hair Saviours, you don't have to keep wishing. Whether you want to optimize your hair restoration results or are looking for a way to renew and rejuvenate your body, BEMER therapy may be the answer you're looking for. To learn more about this groundbreaking treatment or to schedule your consultation with Monica Dickenson, contact our Stafford, VA practice at your earliest convenience.

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